Why is EMODE important?

Taking on any animal as a pet is a big commitment, and so it really matters that your decision is an informed one. Unfortunately, many animals are mis-sold as ‘easy to keep’ and by the time new owners realise they have taken on more than they bargained for, it is often too late. For instance, a recent scientific study showed that at least 75% of pet reptiles die within their first year in the home. This is why it is important you have access to impartial and sound guidance at the outset. Lives depend on it!

If things don’t work out with an animal you have acquired, there is no guarantee that a sanctuary or rescue shelter will be able to help. Animal shelters or sanctuaries are often overburdened with unwanted pets. Moreover, there are very few good rescue centres that have the specialised facilities, expertise and resources to care for exotic animals.

New Life Parrot Rescue, Cambridgeshire, UK

A 13 week-old Goffin’s cockatoo was purchased from a breeder by a young woman. Some time afterwards, the woman became pregnant and felt that the bird would be too noisy and would wake up the baby and also that she would no longer be able to meet the bird’s considerable demands on her time. She also learned that her health and that of her baby could be put at risk by being in close proximity to the parrot. Better research and long-term planning would have avoided the considerable stress and upheaval that was associated with the re-homing of the bird.

African grey parrot
New Life Parrot Rescue, Cambridgeshire, UK

A house-proud couple acquired a 6-month old African grey parrot but were not prepared for his destructive behaviour. Parrots instinctively chew and shred wood and in the home can damage door frames, picture frames and furniture, as well as soft furnishings. The parrot also plucked out his own feathers, possibly due to lack of attention from his keepers. Had the couple known the level of commitment required, they would not have chosen a parrot as a companion.